5 Best Face Recognition Door Lock Options

A face recognition door lock is a type of security system that uses facial recognition software to identify authorized users. These locks are becoming increasingly popular as they offer high security and convenience. Several options are available on the market, so deciding which is right for you can be difficult. This article will discuss the five best face-recognition door locks available on the market.

Benefits of a Face Recognition Door Lock

A face recognition door lock is a type of security system that uses facial recognition software to identify authorized users. These locks offer a high level of security and convenience and are becoming increasingly popular. Some of the benefits of using a face recognition door lock include:

  • Increased security – A face recognition door lock offers a high level of security, as authorized users can only open it. This is a great option for businesses or homes that want to ensure their property is protected.
  • Convenience – Face recognition door locks are very convenient, allowing you to easily access your property without fumbling with keys.
  • Customizable settings – Face recognition door locks offer several customizable settings, so you can choose the level of security that best suits your needs. You can also set up different profiles for different users, making managing access rights easy.

A face recognition door lock is perfect if you are looking for a high-security, convenient, and customizable option.

Features to Look for in a Face Recognition Door Lock

When looking for a Face Recognition Door Lock, you’ll want to consider the following features:

  • Ease of use
  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Functionality
  • Price
  • Ease of Use

The Face Recognition Door Lock should be easy to set up and use. The last thing you want is a door lock that is difficult to figure out.

  • Accuracy

You’ll want a Face Recognition Door Lock that is accurate. The last thing you want is for your door to be unlocked by someone who is not supposed to be there.

  • Speed

You’ll also want a Face Recognition Door Lock that is fast. The last thing you want is to stand in front of your door for a long time, waiting for the lock to recognize your face.

  • Functionality

You’ll want a Face Recognition Door Lock that is functional. The last thing you want is a door lock that does not work properly.

  • Price

You’ll also want to consider the price of the Face Recognition Door Lock. You don’t want to spend too much money on a lock that is not worth it.

Pros and Cons of Face Recognition Door Lock

There are both pros and cons to using Face Recognition Door Lock.


  • They are convenient
  • They are secure
  • They are fast
  • They are easy to use
  • They are accurate


  • They can be expensive
  • They can be slow
  • They can be inaccurate

Best Face Recognition Door Lock on This Guide

There are a few different Face Recognition Door Locks on the market, but the best one is the Yale Assure Lock SL B07XHP112C. This lock is easy to use, accurate, fast, and secure. It is also reasonably priced.

According to its website, the Yale Assure Lock top features include:

  • Lose your keys, for good: Hands full, Have your door unlocked for you with Auto-Unlock. Or unlock using the keypad or Yale Access app on your smartphone or Apple Watch. Enjoy key-free access and leave the bulky keychain behind.
  • Expand your smart home: Connect your lock to your favorite voice assistant or smart home system. Works with Amazon Alexa, Hey Google, Airbnb, Philips Hue, Apple HomeKit, and more. Includes the Wi-Fi Connect Bridge, so there’s no additional hub needed.
  • Auto-Locks and Unlocks: Your Assure Lock will Auto-Unlock as you get home for totally hands-free unlocking. With Auto-Lock and DoorSense, your home automatically secures once your door is closed or after a set amount of time.
  • Stop sharing keys: Digital keys are the new hide-a-key. Quickly and easily share permanent, temporary, or scheduled access with friends, family, and people you trust, and never hide a key under the doormat again.

5 Best Face Recognition Door Lock Options

1. WISEPOCH Smart Door Lock with 3D Face Recognition.

The WISEPOCH Smart Door Lock with 3D Face Recognition is a great option for those looking for a secure and convenient option. This lock uses advanced 3D facial recognition technology to unlock the door, ensuring that only authorized users can gain access. It is easy to install and can be operated with just a touch of a button.


About product size, please allow an error of 1-3cm. If you want to replace the door lock, please pay attention to measuring the size of your old keyhole. If your door lock cannot be normally installed and used due to the wrong size of the keyhole, it will be a sad thing; you won’t be able to return it.

2. eufy Security S330 Video Smart Lock

According to the eufy website:

  • Combines the fastest Smart Lock fingerprint recognition, a 2K HD camera, and advanced video doorbell notifications, into 1 device.
  • The cutting-edge chip and ultra-thin fingerprint film recognize you in 0.3 Seconds, and unlock your door in 1 second. You can also control your Smart Lock from the eufy Security App, by talking to your Alexa or Google Voice Assistant, or using the keypad or keys.
  • Wherever you are, you can see who’s at your front door and control your lock with the eufy Security app. Get notifications and easily manage access for every visitor.
  • The rechargeable battery perfectly compliments each advanced feature. The generous 10,000 mAh capacity means you don’t have to worry about your Smart Lock running out of power.
  • Protect your privacy and never pay a subscription fee with built-in local storage on Chime (Requires SD Card). BHMA Certified after being locked and unlocked more than 200,000 times. IP65 waterproof, working temperature from -22°F to 158°F (-30°C to 70°C).

What Our Testers Say

I’m not often impressed and can usually find something big that’s wrong but this Video doorbell Lock by Eufy is hands down amazing! Setup was easy and took about 15 minutes to install and program chime, and the app was easy to navigate to complete programming.

The picture quality is crystal clear, the sound reception is so crisp I can hear the crickets and birds chirping even with normal neighborhood traffic and construction noise outside.

I love that it has a feature to alert you if someone is loitering at the front door and you can program it to ask them ‘Can I help you’ or personalize your automated response. I can go on and on and it’s only been the first week with my new door lock, but I feel like I’ve come out of the Flinstone age with my old Yale Realliving lock to the Jetson age with Eufy.

I do have one little flaw that I’ve noticed but it’s only because my son’s are all 6’ + tall and if they are right in front of the door you will only see from there neck down, if the camera could point up 5 degrees it would capture there face as well.

But it does capture their face walking up to the door so it’s fine. But otherwise this is an amazing lock, I love the fingerprint scanner it’s super fast and easy to use and opens the door with ease. I would highly recommend this lock!

3. Smart Entry Door Lock, Keypad Door Lock, Fingerprint Door Lock

This lock features:

  • Smart door lock supports multiple ways to unlock. Touch Keypad Touch-to-Open, Smartphone App, Biometric fingerprint, Mechanical Key, IC Card. With this smart lock, No need to keep guests waiting outside you can unlock when guest press doorbell sends the owner notification with snapshot of who’s at the door and remote unlock request on the App if want to unlock or to ignore.
  • This smart entry door lock has a built-in HD wide-angle camera. People just press the doorbell button on the lock the camera screen will be activated. Smart locks with camera integration is the new technology to keep your door neat without spying holes.Get a facial recognition of whenever your door has been unlocked or check who is at it and let them in automatically. High-resolution and wide-angle lenses so you can see all.
  • Your smart door lock auto lock in a time period after entry. Receive notifications of your smart lock activity and view the event history from the App. Add some random numbers to prevent the passcode from being peeping. Privacy Lockout Mode no longer accepts passcodes, IC card access except mechanical key and App Unlock. Strangers cannot steal your password by fingerprints or watching it nearby.


This is a mortise lock you have to install the mortise mechanism that comes with the lock; this is not a deadbolt one-latch lock. It’s more secure!

4. LBS Face Recognition Access Control Fingerprint

  • According to LBS, this face recognition locks offers Instant Recognition, Large Capacity, Attendance Function, Voice Broadcast
  • 4 Unlocking Methods: Face lock, Fingerprint Lock, Card Lock, Password Lock
  • Color Infrared Camera, Refuse to Replace Attendance: Using Infrared Camera, Wearing Glasses, Heavy Makeup, Twins, etc. Can be Accurately Identified
  • Professional Access Control Functions to Ensure Property Safety: Anti-demolition, Open Door Alarm, Duress Alarm, Alarm Linkage, Fire Alarm, a set of Door Opening Signal, Wiegand 26/34 Input and Output, Personnel Authority Control
  • Other Advantages: Exquisite Appearance, Multiple Alarm Functions, Access Control and Attendance Machine, Multiple Communication Methods, Large Capacity

What Our Testers Say

The biometric reader works fine to id face, fingerprint and card. The software is, at this point, obsolete. It’s buggy in Windows 10 and requires SQL Express 2008 as the database backend. I tried to migrate this to at least SQL Express 2012 and it didn’t work.

The supplier states that the latest version is what I’ve got, so I wouldn’t recommend putting money into this at all if they can’t keep up with the new technologies. Especially because the device could clearly work in an updated app, but if the software doesn’t evolve, then it’s certainly dead to me. Oh, I forgot to mention that the security standards for the app is also minimalistic, to say the least. Password only accepts numbers and letters.

5. QZEP 3D Infrared Sensor Face Recognition Smart Lock

QZEP Door Hardware & Locks offers a 3D Infrared Sensor Face Recognition Smart Lock, which can be used to control access to your home. The lock can be opened with a fingerprint scan, password, or the accompanying app.

The lock also features a WiFi camera that can take visitors’ pictures and store them in the app for future reference. The lock is available in various colors and finishes to match your décor.

For added security, the QZEP Door Hardware & Locks 3D Infrared Sensor Face Recognition Smart Lock has an intelligent locking system that will automatically lock the door after a period of time if it is not opened.


Built-in rechargeable lithium battery. The battery temperature is low. A full charge can work for about three months

Common Questions about Face Recognition Door Lock

What is a face recognition door lock?

A face recognition door lock is a type of security system that uses facial recognition to unlock the door. The system compares the facial features of the person trying to unlock the door with the registered facial features of authorized users. If they match, the door unlocks. If they don’t match, the door remains locked.

How does a Face Recognition Door Lock a door using my face

A face recognition door lock is a new technology that uses biometric information to identify authorized users. This type of lock scans your face and compares it to a registered image to unlock the door. Most models require you to initially register your face by taking a picture or video of yourself. Some newer versions have the ability to learn and remember new faces, so you don’t have to register them again.

Can facial recognition be fooled by a photo?

Facial recognition software compares features of an image or video to a stored template of an authorized’s face. The software will identify the person accurately if the photo or video is of good quality and the lighting is. However, it is obstructing part of the face, like sunglasses or a scarf, or if the photo is not high quality, the software may not be able to identify the person.

Final Thoughts on Face Recognition Door Lock

Face recognition door locks are a new and exciting technology that is growing in popularity. They offer a high level of security and convenience, and they are sure to become even more popular in the years to come. If you are interested in purchasing a face recognition door lock, we recommend researching the best option for your needs. We have provided information on five of the best face-recognition door locks on the market, and we hope you find this information helpful.

Photo of author
Frank is the owner of a door lock business. He understands the importance of security and safety, so he strives to provide the best door lock reviews on the market.
Photo of author
Frank is the owner of a door lock business. He understands the importance of security and safety, so he strives to provide the best door lock reviews on the market.